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We Are Now Hiring!

We are now hiring new members of our Development Relations Team. We will be hiring game beta testers first! This means you get access to updates up to a week early! More info @

Popsiz Development Relations Q&A - Summary
1 minute read


We discussed the following topics:

Future of Popsiz Parlor - V4

Future of Popsiz Training Center - V2

Future of OUR Automated Systems & AI.

Popsiz Teaser was realeased.


We have plans to do more sessions in training and shifts. Make sure to stay tuned for more and tune into the next Q&A to find out more about theese topics. I am not space so I will not write a long SA on all this..

Popsiz Parlor | Spring Update 2023
Welcome, to another Popsiz Parlor update! This is Part 1 & 2 of our Spring updates combined!   New Features - New Phones!! - New Weather Cycle System [Rain + More]. - New Arcade Machine System! - Improved UI + Top Bar layout.   - Spring map has...
1 minute read
The Future of Popsiz
Good evening everyone. The Senior Leadership Team has created a survey for you all to fill out. This survey will be used for all departments and teams to make Popsiz better. Please fill this form out truthfully, troll responses will result in...
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Popsiz MR Applications | Results
Popsiz MR Applications | Results Popsiz Parlor MR application Passers: BlackoutJr049 LuckyLukeBrightMore Congratulations to you both, welcome to the MR team and we wish you the best, as of NOW MR applications are now CLOSED  Thanks for applying
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